Your website is more than just your personal soapbox.


It's the way you welcome the world and invite it inside. Its your most reliable business partner. Its that devoted teammate that doesn't demand coffee breaks or overtime pay. It'll serve + educate your clients, as well as process sales... even while you sleep!


It's always there for you.

Unless it, And you don't want that.

In this fast-paced landscape of digital marketing + online magnificence, the do-it-yourself approach just doesn't cut it anymore for the innovative entrepreneur with visions of legacy, purposeful contribution  + brilliant success dancing through their heads.

and you really have the time for that?

Be honest.

After spending thousands of hours navigating the backwoods of the Wild Web World, along with staying creatively current + strategically savvy...


We know what it takes to build a website that wow's the world.

We'd love to relieve you of the stress you're sure to encounter if you try to do this website thing by yourself. Or even worse...attempt to collaborate with multiple freelancers + service providers to get the job done. We're talking design divas, picture makers, marketing masters. You'll need 'em all, baby!

Solution: Invite FICUS into your world.

We're an intimate studio with multiple super powers: graphic design, photography + strategic planning.
Ninja's, basically. You'll see.

One. Stop. Shopping. Good or good?


What to expect


how we do the things we do

  • You Apply

    You book in for a free 1/2 hour discovery call and we digitally sling a few questions your way. You answer them, giving us a peek at your dreams + where you're at. The questions will also help YOU get clear on what you really want.

  • We Connect

    You click 'submit' on the Questionnaire + our virtual assistant immediately escorts you to book a 30-min introductory chat with Greer, our Groovy Creative Director. You two say hi and see if you're a good fit... you know, like that favorite pair of jeans.

  • You Commit

    You laugh { we just know it! }, maybe even cry { in a good way, don't worry! }... and make a decision. A contract's drawn up + signed, a deposit's made, a timeline's established. At this point, we're all mucho, mucho thrilled { that's very, VERY thrilled, en Español }.

  • We Create

    The golden ink dries + we confidently guide you through our unique tango of a website design process. We painlessly extract your stories, values, inspirations + ideas, then take them behind our velvet curtain and whip them into something beyond your wildest dreams. Do you believe in magic? We sure do. You may wonder, 'How the heck did they do that?!'. Magic doesn't make sense, just roll with it.

  • You Approve

    We polish our silver platter + serve you our finest and best recommendations. You 'ooo' and 'ahhh', make some changes... and definitely have the last word! When you make that final checkmark, you sigh in deep relief, realizing we've miraculously reached the light at the end of the tunnel. You might feel sad... 'cause we've been having such fun, ya know?

  • We Celebrate

    Awe. A Star { um... your website } is born. It shines on you like the sun on a summer's day in Spain. And it feels so. damn. good. Music plays. We take pictures. Champagne's served. Toasts are made. And so is history. Bravo, baby. Bravo!


Sound good or good?

We'd love to have coffee with who you are, what you stand for, and what you have to say.


Should we work together?

Book in for a call, Answer a few quick ?'s + let's see if we're a good fit.