This ain't no fairy tale!

But it is a story. and its true. and we promised you one. so here goes nothin', as they say.

Not a story for the feint of heart, but we're guessing that if you've landed here, you're up for it... or is it 'down for it'? Point is, most folks who visit us are entrepreneurs of some kind {other than Mom's, Dad's, distant twice-removed cousins...and every family member in between}.

Are we right? You're an entrepreneur?

Well...Bravo! Sailing that entrepreneur SHIP also ain't for the feint of heart, is it? Because we both know that as great as it feels to stick-it-to-the-man, kick a more traditional work-life to the curb and follow your dreams, its also — um...lets just say it already — FRIGGIN' HELL sometimes. It can be a scary, lonely, downright nerve-wracking path. Definitely exhilarating, but definitely not easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.

We've found that not many voices out there are tellin' it like it REALLY is — alerting we warriors-out-to-change-the-world of the challenges, pitfalls and friggin' fire-breathing dragons we'll face in our career, let alone our PERSONAL LIVES. Did anyone tell you that your business might take over your bedroom? Or there's a good chance your gym membership'll grow moldy right alongside those ripe ol' socks in your gym bag? That you'll most likely find yourself binge-watching Netflix 'til 2am some nights just to try and turn off your brain? Nada, si? 

So some might ask, it worth it?

To which we respond, 'Abso-freakin'lutely!' Seriously...we mean that with every frazzled, often sex-and-sleep-deprived cell in our ever-expanding body + mind + b'ness.


Every line you draw in the sand'll be hard. Every reinvention brings growth + challenges you might not feel ready for. But when you're burnt out, overworked and unhappy...its necessary. And its #alwaysworthit.


How can we be so sure, you ask?

Because this personal-growth vehicle {aka b'ness} called FICUS has been on a wild ride for the last 18 months. Change was necessary... not because our goals were so high, but because the pain of doing what we were doing the way we were doing it was, quite frankly, excruciating.

Yup. We just said that out loud.

So, we said to ourselves 'Wait a friggin' minute! This is nuts!' And we drew that line in the sand, took a step back, rolled up our sanity sleeves and got to work. On ourselves, on our business, on our systems, on our dreams. It was hard. And exhilarating. Still is. But as we said…oh, so dang worth it.

Can you relate? Have you been frequently asking yo'self 'is this as good as it gets?' Is it time for you to draw some lines in the sand? In your business? In your personal life?

Reality is…they’re one and the same, business + life. Especially when you’re a creative entrepreneur with a deep desire to rock your life + change the world at the same time.

How you do anything, is how you do everything.

As Ficus plugs back into this machine called social media + the world wild web, we've decided to be a voice that tells it like it really is. We’ve got more than a few stories to tell about the pains + pleasures of growth + change, expansion + life. We'll share our discoveries, our special-sauce solutions + the timeless tools we use. We'll spill what's working, and what's still stuck.

You know...we'll laugh, we'll cry. You won't wanna miss it!

‘Cause one thing we know for sure…its easier being on this journey with others. Like you. Together is abso-freakin'lutely better.


See y'all next month, savvy slayers of truth + authenticity.
God love us, god help us — The Ficus Fabulosos