Its not about what we do, its about how we do it…and most importantly, why



In everything we do, our driving force is to manifest the highest potential possible.

Our best just isn’t good enough

Quite simply, we’re going for brilliant + extraordinary. Always. All ways.


Meet your small but mighty creative team



Founder + Creative Director

Boss Babe, Creative Control, Design Devi, Expansive Engineer, Fun Factoress, Goof Goddess . . we could go on and on ;)!

But in the quiet moments when she’s not movin’, groovin’, serving + swerving curve balls... Greer is the beautiful + insightful, ever-growing, ever-evolving, ever-expanding BE-ing that planted this Ficus tree that we call a Branding Boutique, a Creative Studio.



Project Co-ordinator

Cosmic Communication Coordinator, Friggin’ Fabulous Flow Facilitator, Purveyor of Peace, Sizzlin’ Style Sista, and much much more...
If Greer is the glue, Saija is the grounder. No matter how many whirling dervish projects are spinning ‘round the studio, Saija has a way of staying calm, cool + collected.

When she’s not directing the mad traffic at the studio, Saija sneaks away to the river, the countryside, hides out having stare contests with her cat or consumes copious amounts of ice cream with a special Mr. before returning to slay yet another day at the office.



Lead designer

Dance Devi, Conscious Consumer, Wicked Web Wonder Woman + Cool as friggin' Cucumber. Lindsey was Ficus' second big, badass bold move - bringing on a second set of creative eyes + magic touch. Lindsey's clean 'n simple MO made dancing with her a breeze... a perfect match to make magic with! Her clean, simple + stunning style made her an instant fit + we've been doing the design dance with her ever since.

Apart from dishing out delicious designs, you'll find Lindsey forging friendships {people + animals alike} around the world as this girl has a serious travel bug. Landing home in SK, her hands will be digging in the dirt or stirring some cosmic pot of vegan vittles.


We're firmly rooted in - and grounded by - our commitment to practicing what we preach, walking our talk:

We're loco about locals {our client list says it all}
We're devoted to our health, our loved ones + This Earth
We're obsessive reducers, recyclers, readers + plant eaters
We're lovers of breathing, yoga, meditation + adventures



and did we mention... fun is mandatory @ Ficus?